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Our Team

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Dr. Liron Rozenkrantz

Principal Investigator

Liron holds a Ph.D. in Neurobiology from the Weizmann Institute of Science and completed her post-doctoral training at the MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences department and at the Harvard Program in Placebo Studies.


She is fascinated with the idea that our beliefs and expectations can drive a real biological impact! 


Dr. Nur Abu-Ahmad

Lab Manager

Nur is our lab manager. She completed her Ph.D. in biochemistry at the Hebrew University, where she studied brain-liver crosstalk.


Nur is interested in the biological and biochemical mechanisms underlying the mutual communication between the brain and peripheral organs in the body.


Joint Ph.D. Student

Tal is a joint Ph.D. student with Dr. Sivan Spitzer in our faculty. She is an expert rehabilitation psychologist after completing her M.A. in Ariel University. 

Tal is exploring people's beliefs and conceptions about diabetes, and will lead an attempt to increase medical compliance in pre-diabetic patients by altering their misconceptions of the disease.


Nofar Mizrachi

Ph.D. Student

Nofar is a Ph.D. student in our lab. She holds an M.A. in cognitive psychology from the University of Haifa.

Nofar is exploring the link between the mind, brain and body, specifically the immune and metabolic systems. For example, she explores how people's perception of their body's immunity may influence daily well-being.


Imad Rabah

M.Sc. Student

Imad is an M.Sc. student in our lab. He holds a B.Sc. in biology from Tel-Aviv University.

Imad is interested in influences of mind over body. Together with Nofar, he is looking into the perceptions of our immune system, develops ways to assess such perception, and investigates how it is related to actual health and well-being. 


Hodaya Verdiger

Research Assistant

Hodaya is a research assistant in our lab. She holds an M.A. in psychobiology from the Hebrew University.

Hodaya is interested in immunology and the the reciprocal connection between our body and our mind. Her current projects include exploring how beliefs shape information processing and hoe self-perception influences cognitive performance.

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